Merger And
Acquisition Services

Planning, analysis, and due diligence for merger, acquisition, affiliation, or divestiture
Is the M&A right for your organization? There are multiple options such as affiliation, joint venture, joint operating agreement, merger, acquisition, or build a green field if entering a new market. All possibilities should be analyzed thoroughly.

If an organization decides to go forward with M&A, they should do it in the context of their overall strategy and what is best for the patient/consumer populations they serve or plan to serve.

FRG and its Partners have vast experience in M&A transactions in the healthcare. FRG has assisted in the planning, analysis and due diligence for all types of entities. Services included in the due diligence and M&A support processes typically include financial analysis, technology review, management review, review and valuation of assets, purchase price allocation, and post transaction financial scenario modeling. 

To learn more about how FRG can assist you with Merger and Acquisition Services contact Matt Nelson at or directly at (214) 675-8403