Financing Support

Capital structuring
'Capital structuring' refers to the type of financing with which a company is capitalized and the terms on which such finances are raised. Capital structuring is extremely important as it has a long-term impact on the financial viability of a healthcare organization FRG will assist you in getting the right debt-equity mix in your capital structure and the best terms so that your financial viability is maintained.

Support for bond issues
FRG has provided financial advisory services to a diverse group of organizations that access capital through the issuance of tax-exempt bonds. Our services provide clients with an independent, objective perspective throughout all phases of a financing process.

Assistance with investor, investment banker, bond insurer, and rating agency relationships and financial reporting
FRG has provided assistance to hospital and healthcare system CFOs in their relationships with investors, investment bankers, bond insurers, and rating agencies for many years. We also assist in the financial reporting responsibilities that many of these relationships require.

FRG is registered as a Municipal Advisor with both the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board.

To learn more about how FRG can assist you with Financing Support contact Matt Nelson at or directly at (214) 675-8403